Simple Healthy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make

Many of us don’t live as healthily as we should. Work, family, and other obligations sometimes lead to us putting ourselves last. Although being healthy is essential to pass the DOT Physical, maintaining a good shape is even harder for commercial drivers since they need to spend so many hours on the road. Luckily, healthy lifestyle changes don’t have to be difficult. Here are some changes you can start making today to better your health.

Set Manageable Health Goals

You want to take care of yourself, and that’s great. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Take time to write down specific health goals, and then break those goals into even smaller and smaller goals. Want to start exercising consistently? A beginning goal can be as simple as walking ten minutes a day. Starting with small goals and working towards larger goals makes them easier to accomplish.

Drink More Water

No doubt you’ve heard this advice before, but staying hydrated helps your physical and mental health. It’s such a simple concept but sometimes it’s hard to remember. Try keeping a water bottle with you and remembering to drink from it throughout the day.

Get Good Sleep

Quality sleep lowers stress, helps with maintaining a healthy weight and improves your mood. Getting a good night’s sleep makes it easier for your body to repair itself and this means you will be more alert when you’re awake Try going to bed at the same time each day and plan for at least seven hours of sleep. A routine makes it easier for your body to fall asleep when you want it to.

Regular Checkups

Keeping track of your health helps you recognize which areas you’re doing well in and which areas need some improvement. For example, knowing your blood pressure and cholesterol levels makes it easier to prevent larger health issues. Make it a priority to schedule those health checkups!

If you work as a bus driver or truck driver, you’re required to complete and pass a Department of Transportation medical examination to ensure you’re fit for a driving career. Scheduling a doctor’s appointment when you’re on the road a lot for work might seem stressful. However, people like Dr. Arman Ghods in California specialize in DOT exams and even welcome walk-ins.

Simple Healthy Choices

There are more things you can do for your health. Could you benefit from doing any of these?

  • Eat Healthy (Start by switching to healthy snacks and fewer sugary drinks.)
  • Take vitamins or supplements
  • Participate in physical activity you enjoy
  • Take time to stretch or walk around if you spend a lot of time sitting
  • Manage stress (This may mean taking time to relax, enjoying a hobby, silencing your inner critic, or learning time management skills.)
  • Stop drinking coffee (especially before your DOT Physical since it may cause low blood pressure)

Your Health Is Crucial

Too often we neglect ourselves, but our health affects every aspect of our lives. You can lead a fuller, more satisfying life by taking easy steps towards a healthier lifestyle. Choose one or two lifestyle changes to start today, and schedule a physical exam through to identify the health goals best for your specific situation.

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