What It Takes to Become a Paramedic

When you want to become a paramedic, it’s not just as easy as deciding you want to be a paramedic. You not only need to pass several courses and get a certification, but you’ve also got to learn to drive an ambulance and maintain a physical fitness standard.  In this article, we’re going to talk about the requirements of becoming a paramedic. Let’s get into it!


To become a PCP means to have certain traits that qualify you for what is a highly stressful job. For starters, you need to be able to remain calm in what can be extremely stressful situations. You’ll be dealing with some serious situations where people could be bleeding out or dying right in front of you. Therefore, the ability to remain calm is of paramount importance.  The most important skill is critical thinking about being able to come up with solutions where sometimes there may seem like there are none.


To become a paramedic means going through a paramedic diploma program. This program is designed to prepare you with practical and theoretical knowledge and skills to succeed in the field. In addition, a paramedic diploma program teaches you about the body’s anatomy, pharmacology, and how to assess and address injuries.


The next step is to pass the Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant Exam (AEMCA). This is how they test you on everything you learned during your paramedic diploma program. In addition, they test you on various scenarios so they can determine your preparedness.

Ambulance Driving

To be a paramedic, you’ve got to be able to drive an ambulance which means getting a driver’s license. It’s not just a normal license; you need to get a special class of license. The specific license is usually a Class F license which allows you to drive an ambulance.

Another aspect of being an ambulance driver is just being a good driver overall. In the three years before you’re on the road saving lives, you can’t have had four demerit points or had your license revoked. If you want to drive an ambulance, make sure you follow the rules of the road very carefully.


There are several fitness areas that need to be considered when determining if you’ll be able to be a paramedic.

  1. Strength and stamina
  2. Motor skills
  3. Physical senses
  4. Mental skills
  5. Mental health
  6. Overall health

Each one of these is incredibly important for anyone wanting to go into such a demanding profession. You need to be ready in each type of fitness if you’re going to be the kind of ambulance driver a patient wants to see in an emergency.


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